Pawcasso In The Park

Where Every Night is a Tail-Wagging Adventure!

Welcome to Pawcasso In The Park, where each week brings a fresh burst of excitement and a celebration of the remarkable connection between humans and their pets. Get ready to embark on a journey of endless fun, where the spotlight shines on the extraordinary bond that makes our lives truly magical.


Mutts & Mingle Mondays!

Mutts and Mingles Mondays:
Where Tails Wag and Friendships Blossom!

Kick off your week with a burst of fun, laughter, and furry friends at Mutts and Mingles Mondays, an unforgettable event at Pawcasso In the Park. It's the perfect way to turn those Monday blues into a vibrant canvas of joy and social connection.

Unleash the Fun: As the sun sets and the stars begin to twinkle, our park transforms into a haven for canine companions and their owners. Let your dog's tail wag freely as they run, play, and socialize in our off-leash yard. It's an opportunity for them to burn off some energy and make new furry friends, all while you enjoy the serene park atmosphere.


Pets Got Talent

Welcome to Pets Got Talent, where the spotlight shines on the most extraordinary performers of the animal kingdom. Get ready to showcase your pet's unique skills, talents, and quirks in a dazzling display of cuteness and creativity.

Picture this: a stage set for stars of the fur, feather, and paw variety. Your dog's hip hop howl, your bird's bopping finesse, or your cat's cha cha charm – there's room for all talents here. And guess who's the ultimate judge? None other than Simon Cow and Howlie Mandell, ready to be wowed by the remarkable talents that pets bring to the stage.

And here's the best part: everyone's a winner. As each pet struts their stuff on the stage, hearts melt, and applause fills the air. Whether your pet wins a medal or not, they leave the stage with a crown of admiration and a trail of smiles.


Mutts & Movies

Get ready to embark on a cinematic journey like no other at Mutts & Movies – the ultimate outdoor movie night tailored for you and your four-legged friend.

Our movie selections are as diverse as our canine guests, ranging from heartwarming classics to contemporary blockbusters. And don't worry about snacks – we've got that covered. Savor a gourmet hot dog from our special movie-themed menu or treat yourself to a bowl of "Pupcorn," specially prepared for your furry friend.


Barkie Bocce

Introducing the Barkie Bocce , a fusion of ancient games and modern tail-wagging fun that will have you and your canine companion rolling with joy. Get ready to step into a world where the art of bocce meets the enthusiasm of our four-legged friends, creating an experience that's both delightfully simple and surprisingly complex.

Barkie Bocce is more than just a game – it's an opportunity to strengthen the bond with your furry friend while also connecting with fellow dog lovers. As the game unfolds, conversations flow, new friendships form, and the shared love for pets becomes the common thread that ties us all together.


Solo Pup: Tail-Wagging Twist on a Classic

Introducing Solo Pup– a game that takes the excitement of a well-loved classic and infuses it with the playful spirit of our four-legged friends. While originally known as a drinking game, Puppy Pong transforms the experience into a skillful, family-friendly adventure that both humans and pups can enjoy.

Here's how it works: Set up the Solo Pup court, placing the cups in the classic triangle formation. Each cup contains a treat or toy that your pup adores. Players take turns tossing the bouncy ball, aiming to land it in the cups. And when they succeed, their pup wins a tasty reward or a joyful toy.


Beats & Barks : Silent Disco Unleashed

Get ready to dance, wag, and groove in perfect harmony at Beats & Barks – the ultimate silent disco experience where you and your canine companion take center stage. Saturdays are about to get a whole lot more exciting as Pawcasso in the Park transforms into a haven of beats and barks.

B&B isn't just a dance event; it's a celebration of the deep connection between you and your four-legged friend. As you move to the beats, your dog's excitement amplifies the atmosphere, creating a symphony of happiness and movement.


Painting with Pawcasso:
Where Paws Become Artistic Masterpieces

Introducing Painting with Pawcasso, a truly unique event where your furry friends unleash their inner artists and create masterpieces that will warm your heart for years to come. This is not just an event; it's a celebration of the bond between you and your pet, captured in strokes of creativity and love.

Imagine a scene where dogs dip their paws in vibrant colors, creating swirls and patterns on canvas. Each stroke tells a story – a moment of joy, a burst of energy, a memory to be cherished. This event brings to life the magic of your pet's personality in a tangible and beautiful form.

Pawcasso In The Park

Imagine a place where the park transforms into a canvas of possibilities. From Monday to Sunday, there's something unique waiting for you and your furry friend every night. Our weekly events are a vibrant tapestry of experiences, each tailored to celebrate the different facets of our pets' lives.

At Pawcasso in the  Park, we invite you to Unleash the Beast – not just the furry one by your side but also the joy, creativity, and love that define our pet-human relationships. Each night is an opportunity to celebrate, to connect, and to experience the magic that makes life truly extraordinary. So, join us for a week filled with adventures, emotions, and unforgettable moments. Welcome to Pawcasso In the Park, where every night is a new chapter in the story of our bond with our pets!