National Cat Day
Friday, October 29, 2021

Everything Tastes Better with Cat Hair in It! Instagram cat lovers, listen up. It’s time to post your favorite cat photo and exercise your comedic talents to close out a month of furry friend fun. Show off your favorite photo of your cat’s cutest caper, post the picture on Instagram, add a caption…it’s that easy.  And Cats Are Coming to Central Cinema! FEATURING CLAW-SOME PROPS, FABULOUS FELINE COSTUMES, AND AUDIENCE PURR-TICIPATION.

National Cat Day

It's a purrfect opportunity for all cat lovers to express a little extra love to their furry companions. So grab your kitty BFF and celebrate International Hug Your Cat Day with us! 

Cats Are Coming to Central Cinema!

It's a CATS Movie Party to support Young-Williams Animal Center. Slink in wearing your most fabulous feline look. We'll have props to make you feel like an honorary Jellicle, glow necklaces to light up the night during your favorite songs, and name tags for the naming of cats (“Rum Tum Tugger” is taken). With fun interactive elements and kitty litter bags of prizes, you and your friends will feel like you’ve ascended to the Heaviside Layer—and you'll help cats in need while having a tail-twitching good time.

National Cat Day Block Pawty - TBD

Block Pawties are great fun. Who doesn't enjoy eating, drinking, and socializing with other like-minded cat-oisseurs? Join us for a  furfilled afternoon of Cat and Mouse games, Litter Box Art, and a Furto Booth!

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